A libre streaming front-end for the web

  • clojure
  • clojurescript

Tubo is a web front-end to many streaming platforms (YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.).

It acts like a privacy-friendly middleman that gathers the content from these sites and displays it to you in a distraction-free interface along with features that are usually locked behind premium subscriptions. Its ultimate goal is to offer a full-fledged web-based alternative to Newpipe.

Tech Stack

Tubo is a Clojure(Script) full-stack application that interops with the NewPipeExtractor library. Main tools include:

  • http-kit
  • ring
  • reitit
  • re-frame
  • reagent
  • promesa
  • deps.edn
  • shadow-cljs
  • webpack
  • tailwindcss
  • docker