An all-in-one web front-end to various streaming sites

  • clojure
  • clojurescript
  • privacy

Tubo is an all-in-one web front-end for some of the most popular streaming sites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, among other.

It acts like a privacy-friendly proxy that compiles all the content from the above sites and presents it to you in a distraction-free interface. It gathers the necessary data via NewPipeExtractor, the library that powers the popular NewPipe Android app, which means no official APIs are used. The ultimate goal behind this project is to offer a web-based alternative to NewPipe for desktop and non-Android users.

Currently, it features an audio-only player and basic search and watch functionality, but support is planned for user playlists, stream downloads, offline mode, and more.

Tubo channel page screenshot
Channel page view