This is my first public blog entry. Over the years, I always meant to set up a personal blog to document some of my findings and share topics that I found useful with other people. I came close to publishing one around a year ago when I followed the example Next.js tutorial to get to grips with it. However, I found the need for a JavaScript framework to handle static pages overly complex and put a hold on the project.

Right around that time I became really invested into the GNU Guix project, and began porting my entire configuration to it, and while I was becoming more comfortable with GNU Guile, the scripting language used for that project, I came across Haunt. I was immediately hooked and became really fond of the minimalist approach it encourages, allowing you to write your entire site in Scheme.

Along with Haunt, this blog uses the ox-haunt back-end for Org export, which allows me to keep using my Org-roam workflow to write blog post entries. I'm confident this setup will ease the maintenance and development of the blog and also encourage me to write more whenever new ideas come to my mind that I'd like to share with the world.

Until then, happy hacking!